2020 Q2 Tech Radar Update

With 2020 closing in on the half way point, it's time to reflect back on the goals I had set this year and see how they're holding up.

Reviewing the Q2 Updated Plan

Going into Q2, I made a lot of adjustments to my tech radar goals when I moved to Rally. The move to Rally was a very positive change but required ramping up on Scala - something I did not anticipate at the beginning of the year. So, how did I do on my new list?

Exploring: TLA+

No significant progress on this goal and I don't think there will be much movement on this topic until sometime in Q3/Q4 of 2020.

Deep Dive: Rust

Again, no significant progress on this goal either. I do plan on resuming learning about Rust starting in Q3. This month, I learned that PicoBrew laid off the employees and now going through the receivership process. While their online services are still running to support my Zymatic, that might change. I figure working on a small Raspberry PI implementation of the backend service is a good fit for Rust and where I'm thinking I'll apply my new knowledge.

Deep Dive: Generative Testing

There was some question as to how generative testing would be recieved at Rally. This week I just completed my first test cases using the Cats Law testing framework for some new code I've been working on. I suspect this will become an adopt as I get more comfortable with ScalaCheck.

Adopting: Scala

This has been my focus for the last quarter. I've managed to come up to speed enough that I've been commiting PRs to production code bases at Rally. I've finished working through Programming in Scala and about half finished with Functional Programming in Scala. I've also been to two CASE virtual meetups just to start connecting with the local community.

The Q3 Plan (so far)

The Q2 goals felt solid and aligned nicely with life at this point. I don't see any big topics that need to be shifted around or dropped at this point. Things I'm going to commit to are: