Podcasts About Development

When I used to commute to the office in Seattle, I would listen to a number of development related podcasts. They were a great way to get exposed to new trends as well as wake up my brain before getting to the office. This is a list of a few of my favorite podcasts that have withstood the test of time. Let's jump right into the list.

The Cognicast

Primarily focused on Clojure and ClojureScript development, this podcast always seems to come up with interesting topics to talk about. Previous shows have included deep dives into Om, property based testing, writing code without a type system, data structures, dyslexia and more. It's roughly an hour long, has a consistent release schedule and a wide range of guests.

JavaScript Jabber

This was one of the first podcasts that I really started listening to back when QThru was introducing node.js as a supported technology. While I've moved on from those days, so has JavaScript Jabber. The show isn't afraid to take on newer topics in the JS world, like property based testing. Also, the hosts have a style that ensures they loop back around and explain topics that people may not be familiar with. At times it they can get hung up on the JS framework of the week but overall a solid mix.


Not specifically about development, Scott Hanselman is an excellent podcaster. The podcast is consistently 30 minutes long and the range of topics is incredible. Everything related to technology, from 3D printers to home routers not being updated, are discussed. The show does tend to favor the .Net platform but often does so in a way that topics can be borrowed by other platforms.

Functional Geekery

This is by far the podcast that pushes my functional programming limits but the pace of shows seems to have ground to a halt. This show is all about the functional languages like Erlang, Haskell, Idris with a bit of Scala and Clojure mixed in. I find myself often times revisiting older episodes and researching a number of topics discussed by the guests. The shows length seemed to vary a bit and new episodes are published very infrequently. It's a shame because this was the place to learn more about advanced functional programming.

Do you have a favorite development podcast that's updated on a regular basis? Link to it in the comments and let the world know about it.