Why Blog?

I recently started reading the book Coders At Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming and this snippet between Peter Seibel and Jamie Zawinski jumped out at me.

Seibel: Do you find that programming and writing are similar intellectual exercises?

Zawinski: In some ways, yeah. Programming is obviously much more rigid. But as far as the overall ability to express a thought, they're very similar. Not rambling, having an idea in your head of what you're trying to say, and then being concise about it. I think that kind of thinking is the overlap between programming and writing prose.

When I started writing this blog, I knew it wasn't because I had some divine insight to share with the world. My main goal was self improvement by forcing myself to sit down and construct a well defined block of text. From here, I would gain practice into writing so my emails, code reviews, wiki pages, comments would be clearer. I never once gave any thought to the idea that writing could also help with my development until now.